I am so sorry to see you are shutting down.  I have really been enjoying your videos since 2007.  Yours is the only site I've found over the years that really caters to this particular fantasy (or is it a fetish?). You will be very much missed by very many.

I'm very sorry to hear that the website will go dark soon due to financial censorship. It was a great experience to be with you.
Do you have any further plan? Please let me know.

I'm so sad that such a great site providing unique content will not be there any more. Best luck to you, the website operators and all the film makers.

Good Luck with your search for a new credit card processor  ! – I will be keeping track so I can “re-sign-up” once you get re-opened .

Willing to send your guys money orders or envelopes full of fucking cash if it meant keeping your Web site going.

Main reason for emailing though is to thank you and everyone who has ever been involved with the website in any way, you have done such amazing work over the years and you will be truly missed.
All the best for the future.

Loved your content for many years. Will your existing photos and videos be available to view anywhere else? I was just looking to renew my membership when I saw it was not possible and now I can’t get back in. Thanks for the great entertainment for so long. It will be greatly missed.

I am absolutely gutted at the loss of your site. Very few sites have come so close to my own fantasies
Thanks for the vids and stories.

Really sorry to see the site close. I’ve enjoyed the content - as a member and non member - for nearly 20 years.I hope the content will remain available for all to see.What will happen to the costumes? Whatever the case, thanks again.

I thought we are living in a free world for creators but no.. 
I feel really sad, really really sad. 
I hope to hear a good news from you later on. 
I will subscribe as well if you have a new website. 
Thank you so much for having me enjoy your content from this very restrictive area (Indonesia) 

....So to sum it up, I'm really sorry for Bootlust having to shut down, but with all these things taken into account, you kind of had it coming. You're producing shady and idiologically dubious content with a kind of professionalism that cannot even put this into a proper fictional context: Your videos are unable to convey the idea of a sexual fantasy. What you produce and show is a thinly-veiled image of what you believe, and that's why no credit company really wants you on board.
Best wishes.

Hi, how are you? I just visited you website and found out you're going offline. I'm so sorry to hear that. I send you this email to say goodbye and thanks for checking on my requests. I have to confess I loved many of your switcheroo videos and I would have loved to have (and wear) many of the boots you guys displayed on your plots. They're awesome! I really wish I could have them. Anyway, thanks for your attention and I hope to see you guys back eventually.

Hola buenas noches 
Estoy triste por que su pagina ya no subira mas videos
Y tambien por que no pude registarme por no tener tarjeta de credito me perdere de sus videos 
Ojala y encuentre otra manera de seguir subiendo videos 

I've just seen your notice.... Bummer!

Anyway I do hope you can find a way to keep the website open somehow, it's my favorite on the web and I will be very sad to see it go. It is so totally unique. Best wishes for the future.

I’m a big fan of your genre of videos and I don’t want to see your website gone!

Hey first up, thank you for all the enjoyment on Bootlust all these years.  There is nothing like it on the web and I will miss it for sure.  

Wanted to say I would be interested in purchasing a few downloads direct if that were at all possible. also offers a format where video can be purchased and downloaded.  Figured I would put it out there.  I'd be willing to bet I am not the only Bootlust fan who would want to own a few of our favorite vids. Whatever the case, thanks again.

(Response- It seems CLIPS4SALE is enforcing much the same batch of banks' rules as CCBill. Only difference is, they warn you about it in advance.) 

(From France)
What’s going on in the US?