ADVENTURES OF TONY THE CABLE GUY. He's sure not YOUR usual picture of a Cable  Guy. A  swimmer's body, a big boyish smile, and he's wearing what he needs to wear to climb those high  wooden utility poles, lineman boots laced to his knees and climbing irons strapped to his legs.  His cable customer (who tells this story)  wants not only Tony's boots but Tony too! And with the help of a heavily tranquilized cup of coffee, Tony The Cable Guy   is about to get totally (if temporarily) owned   (and milked too!)
Based on the original story,   "DIGITAL SERVICE",  submitted by a long time Bootlust  site member.


I opened the door to about the most handsomist young dude ever to set foot on my doorstep. A booted foot, at that !   He stood bare chested , showing off a sweaty swimmer's body on this scortcherr of a day. His jeans had lineman's climbing irons strapped to the legs .  On his feet, laced heavy work boots. Only downer was I couldn't see enough of his boots. They were mostly hidden inside the legs of his jeans, but I sure was turned on by the thought that the boy was wearing tall lineman's boots, laced rigght up to his knees!      (scan down for the whole story)

" Hi, sir, I’m TONY from your cable company.
I’ve just been restringing your coax up on that utility pole. That storm sure tore it up. 

Before I can get you back on line, I’m gonna have to come in and re-configure your DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX. Is this a good time, sir ?"

"Oh Yeah...yeah!   it’s a real good time," I said trying to restrain my enthusiasm. "I mean it’s not inconvenient at all...or anythng!"

"Ok," Tony said  holding on to his boyish grin . "Just let me get cleaned up a bit and I’ll get ‘er done."

"Oh, that’s OK. " I replied maybe a little too fast. You can come in just like you are!" I could have added,  "Cuz I like the smell of a young working man's honest  sweat. "

"Thanks, sir'  said Tony still grinning, "but the company would can me quick if I came into your house all sweaty like this and not properly dressed. I’m not even supposed to have my shirt off when I’m workin’ up on the lines outside......... but it’s such a hot day! " BOOTS-cu

I offered him the use of my shower , thinking It would be perfectly reasonable then not only to get a good look at Tony's boots, but to help him unlace and pull them off. Then while he showered, I could sniff 'em and  maybe his socks too, all of which should be pretty ripe on hot day like this. But Tony tossed off my invitation with a "No, that's OK, sir, but thanks for the offer. "

I snuck a peek as he sat on my front stoop unbuckling the  steel climbers from around his  legs ...I was .hoping he’d pull up his jeans so I could see more leather. Nope. No show. Then over to the side window to sneak a peak at him pulling on that damn shirt. Good as his word, in a few minutes Tony was again at my front door  ready to do battle with my cable converter.  I showed him in.  He set to work.

From the kitchen door I kept taking peeks at Tony , especially drawn to poses that had him on his knees, attaching leads and testing connections. His ass was in the air, drawing the fabric of his jeans tight across his bubble butt.  I had to look away, my heart racing, adrenalin pumping through me making me shake all over.  Every so often I silently slipped the cover from my digital camera and took blurry shots of him as he went about his work, fearing every second he'd look up and I’d get caught. 

In my mind I imagined how it would be with Tony lying in my arms, stripped naked by me except maybe for his tall boots and socks. My hands would be all over that fit body of his. I imagined  cradling his scrotum in my cupped hands, gently squeezing his balls together as I watched his cock triple in size.

I guess I got a little too involved in my little fantasy because I clumsily knocked over a little bottle of prescription meds my doctor had given me for sleeplessness. Looking down at the mess, I got  a wonderfully ....evil.... idea…
First, I chatted Tony up about his job, what he had to do for the rest of his working day and  bla bla bla. He complained that he had to work such long hours recently that he found himself getting really tired by mid day.  I seized that opening and offered him a coffee – real coffee could serve as a real "pick-me-up" for him.   Tony gratefully accepted the offer. "It's just what I need," he said with another big boy grin. So I set to work in the kitchen grinding fresh beans in the normal way, except this time, I liberally sprinkled the grounds with my magical sleepy-time med.
By the time Tony finished what he had to do to reconnect  my digital service, I had his coffee all brewed .  Thinking he might taste the "medication" I had added, I said, “Some of my friends think these exotic coffees taste little bitter.” Tony sat down on the sofa and took a sip.  I waited for his verdict. Surprisingly he said that the coffee wasn't bitter at all. It did taste different, but he  really liked it !
It was a sunny afternoon and the sun shone strongly into the room through the cotton blinds that gave complete privacy from the street outside.   Tony drained his mug of coffee, and  I didn't have to wait long for results. I tried not to stare as  Tony's head occasionally fell back, only for him to catch himself and attempt to hold it upright again. His speech too started becoming more and more slurred and indistinct. This continued for only short while, then all conversation stopped. I pretended not to notice. I took the mug from Tony's hands and carried it  back into rthe kitchen .  When I returned to the room, Tony's head had fallen back against the headrest of the sofa and soft purring snores were coming from his half open mouth.   I sat down beside him and spent some time just looking at him, now totally disarmed by sleep.  Tony's face had lost all tension.  His eyelids were closed and his dark lashes were caught in the softened light of the sun coming through the blinds.  Ever cautious, I thought I better test him so I took hold of his right bicep and squeezed the developed muscle as I gently shook him. “Hey, buddy!  Did ya enjoy your coffee?”  Nothing.  Bothmy hands on bothhis arms this time, shaking him more vigorously – still no response.  When I lifted his head from the headrest and let it go, it just lolled onto his chest. 


I knelt in front of my handsome sleeping Cable Boy and gave his legs a good going over with my hands, stroking and squeezing his thighs, rubbing my face into Tony's crotch, sensing his body heat, and just as stimulating, feeling the shape of his lineman boots through the fabric of his jeans.   I pulled Tony's knees up and got a handful of his ass, then a face full of it too. With his legs still in the air, the soles of his boots in my face, I managed to yank off Tony's jeans to get my first full look at those tall boots. Because he wore them inside his pant legs, the black leather upper shafts looked almost brand new.  At the tops of each boot I noted a few sexy inches of the tall white wool boot socks that Tony had pulled on that morning. (And I wished I had seen him doing it.) I let go of TONY'S booted legs once more and got between his parted knees, my hands sliding up his outer thighs then inward up across the bulge in the crotch of his underwear to touch his six pack.   I sat Tony up and pulled off his shirt . I teased his nipples with my thumbs then leaned forward to  lightly brush each nipple with the tip of my my tongue.

I sat next to Tony again and pulled him onto my right hip, his right arm limply crossing my chest. This left Tony's face positioned just under my ear. I felt his his soft breath warm and gentle on my neck.  I reached around and grabbed Tony's ass with both hands, massaging the butt muscles through his underwear and tracing the line between his buttocks to Tony's manhole.   Finally,  remembering my easier fantasy, I yanked Tony's black briefs down exposing his butt. I manouvered him some more until I had him bent double, facedown across my lap. 

I don't know what got into me, discipline is not a scene I'm usually into,  but looking down at Tony's muscular ass, I had this strong urge to spank it. I whispered in his ear, "I'm  sorry, Tony, but I'm going to have to punish you now; punish you for  hiding your boots and those hot boot socks of yours inside the legs of your jeans. "That's a real no-no".....SLAP!  "Shame, Tony! " SLAP!!  "Bad Tony!" SLAP!!! SLAP!!!!  SLAP!!!!!!  His butt was DEEP PINK when I finished his punishment. I found myself thinking,   "Maybe I should get into this discipline least a little. "
I allowed Tony to slide off my lap, down my legs onto the floor where I arranged him spread eagled on his back.  I got between his open legs and rubbed my eager cock still in my tight jeans against his groin.  Somewhere in his dream state this must have been turning Tony on. His dick twitched...twitched again ... and began to swell.   I rubbed my face in Tony's sweaty groin, breathing in his scent and causing Tony's dick to jump really big time!   I looked up and noted with some pleasure that Tony's nipples were standing up   big time too.  


"Tony showed no signs of waking, so I figured, " Why not take some time for an improvised photo session? " It was like I had an ALL ACCESS PASS to him. I  arranged Tony in various fantasy poses that I knew I would enjoy later.  I grabbed by smart phone/camera and ......clickity clickity click...... being careful to make sure the pix would not be blurry!!

Finally, there were two things I really wanted to do with Tony  before  he returned from whatever happy dreamland  I had sent him off to. I would have loved to unlace and pull off his boots and his tall white boot socks,  sniff them and maybe wear them all myself for a time. And I yearned to  at least try and see if I could get Tony off. It wasn't that I had to make him cum to prove to myself that  I totally owned him.   Nor was it due to any kindly desire on my part to bring a little pleasure into dreams my sleeping cable boy was having.

No,  Nothing that complicated. I simply wanted to see how big a load I could make Tony shoot off..... and equally important,  how far he'd shoot it!

I figured I couldn't get away with doing both. What if my sleeping Tony woke up to find me re-lacing his boots? So I decided: "Sleep tight, Tony. I'm gonna give you the hottest wet dream you'll ever have!"

What happened? It took less than a minute to help Tony bust his load, and quite a load it was; his first burst going way over his head!   When things finally calmed down, I was satisfied that Tony's wet dream had lived up to my expectations. He had to be satisfied too....and totally drained. Back to reality ! I quickly cleaned him up and got him re-dressed in his Cable Guy clothes. No sooner did I have my totally limped out Tony back on the couch with his empty coffee cup placed in his hands, then he began to wake up.  I waited  nervously to see if he had any clue what had been going on while he was out.  At first it appeared Tony didn't have a clue. He even apologized for falling asleep. But behind that boyish grin there waited a big surprise!~

Editor's note:  Check out video 3 for surprise ending !