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ADVENTURES OF TONY THE  CABLE GUY. 3 VIDEOS He's sure not YOUR usual picture of a Cable Guy. A  swimmer's body, a big boyish smile, and he's wearing what he needs to wear to climb those high  wooden utility poles, lineman boots laced to his knees and climbing irons strapped to his legs.  His cable customer (who tells this story)  wants not only Tony's boots but Tony too! And with the help of a heavily tranquilized cup of coffee,
Tony The Cable Boy  is about to get totally (if temporarily) owned
( and milked dry too! )

The END Justifies The MEANS- Video
NAZI OFFICERS' HOTEL- VIDEOS No, this innkeeper's name wasn't Sweeney Todd, and he sold boots to Nazi Officers rather than give 'em shaves, but he made maximum use of both his customers and his recycling bin.
"The MILKING TABLE" -this story was written by a member who told us it was inspired by our video, "A TABLE FOR ONE", in Bootlust's PASSED OUT UNIFORM Collection. A very kinky mad doctor type has invented a milking technique which includes a large table with a big bad hole in the middle (guess what that's used for) and a spark spitting ELECTRICAL STUMULATION DEVICE (guess what THAT'S used for!) When an arrogent young Nazi officer shows up to inspect it for possible use by the German High Command, he refuses to believe it has the power to milk a man dry. So the DOC decides to make the officer his first "Guinea Pig."
(There's a link to the original video at the end of the story. )

GETTING INTO SGT REEF's BOOTS -a young man gets more than he'd bargained for - BUT DEFINITELY NOT MORE THAN HE'D HOPED FOR- when he tries to trick the handsome motor cop into giving over his tall boots in return for a very special spit shine job . The story leads into a picture collection showing the young man going into TOTAL BOOT HEAT as he sniffs, licks, and then wears SGT REEF's BOOTS (&  REEF's SOX TOO!) and fantasizes about their owner.

"HANDS OFF MY DEHNERS, OFFICER!" -a biker enjoys wearing top of the line motor patrol style boots. Big trouble starts when a crooked cop decides those boots should belong to him. Things will get nasty before they turn out nice. (WOW! Great feature length video matertial here!)
"ENTRAPMENT"-Officer Coyote was going UNDERCOVER! There'd been a series of downtown robberies. Well dressed young men, usually banker-lawyer young urban professional types, were being abducted and hustled into walled-in vacant lots where they reported being robbed of more tha just their watches and cash. They were stripped naked--suites to socks. The victims were not anxious to go into detail, but it appeared the same two perpetrators were responsible for the mini-crime wave.

Motor Officer Coyote volunteers to make himself "BAIT" by swapping his motorcycle leathers, breeches and patrol boots for the "uniform" of a prosperus young urban professional.

BOOT PATROL- What does it take to persuade this ROOKIE MOTOR COP to rip up your speedong ticket? Accept his invitation to visit him at home, and you'll find out in this CUMING OF AGE STORY from a member.( We enjoyed it so much, we're planning on making it into a video soon!)
"THE BRIBE"This illustrated story is about what it takes to get a handsome young very str8 trooper to take off his boots and sox and suck his own toes BIG TIME!
"The Long Afternoon Nap" -This one is especially for Foot Fans who appreciate sox and bare feet most when they're fresh out of the boot!

The Navy officer who tells this tale is "AIR BOSS" of a flight deck. He has the hots for the buff Marine Major who is the super str8 Top Gun of a squad of Huey Cobra gunship helicopters. The two become good drinkin' buddies until one night when Major Dano gets so drunk, his fellow Marines, worried about his career ask the "Air Boss" to take care of the Major til the next morning. What follows is a beautifully written account of what went down that night in a hotel room.
HOW LITTLE FOX GOT HIS (COW)BOY TOY We wish we could assure our members that a beautiful pair of cowboy boots was not harmed in illustrating this story, but, alas, that would not be true.
HOW I GOT AN A+ ON MY POLICE ACADEMY CLASS PROJECT- He was the physically the smallest in his class of he-man cadets and everybody figured he'd flunk out when it came to the final class project in which he'd have to prove he could out smart and over power a bigger adversary determined to resist arrest. He targets his muscular ( and arrogant instructor) to serve as his "adversary" and with the help of a choke-hold and an assortment of handcuffs, ropes, and chains, he teaches his instuctor what a great student he's been. ......AND-he gets extra credit for doing it all wearing his instructor's boots!

"The GAME" Mercenary Soldier of Fortune Von RATH agrees to accept the terms of a little game proposed by his captors- the alternative is being thrown booted, bound and gagged into their officers' club swimming pool. The game is called "YOU SHOOT OR WE SHOOT". If he can being himself to orgasm in two hot minutes while his captors (The Generalissimos) watch, he can live on. If not, they'll shoot him. Von Rath relies on a sex fantasy that never fails him- and that we just happen tpo have for you on 2 VIDEO CLIPS.

"MY FIRST ASSIGNMENT" A young resistance fighter's fantasy life revolves around an arrogant young blond Nazi officer who wears a uniquely fine set of boots and spurs. The fantasy turns to reality when the officer is dumped unconscious on the boy's door step with orders that the NAZI be stripped naked , then bound and gagged for "pick up in a hour!"
"MY FANTASY REVENGE BECOMES SWEET REVENGE" For years this ex-con plotted to stalk and capture the cop who put him in prison. Half his motivation was the need for revenge through humiliation...and half an obsession to dominate the trooper's magnificent hard body stripped down to his boots, gunbelt, and helmet. The semi-conscious trooper must be dragged up onto his cop bike and made to pose with his bare ass on high-"like a cat in heat". Then (attention, FOOT FETISH-ISTAS) a street punk begs for permission to pull off the big cop's boots and his knee high police regulation black socks and pleasure himself tonguing the big cop's size 12 bare feet.
"The Perfect Ride?" -Every good horseman knows he must learn to communicate with his mount through his boot leather-- HYDE AGAINST HYDE. A couple of stable boys learn that a "mount" doesn't have to be a pony. V(Illustrated "Riding Lessons")
"A BADLANDS ENCOUNTER" In which a young and arrogant horse cavalry officer is captured by Indians who take a special interest in him and his uniform in some hot humiliating scenes that may well have really happened but that never made it to the Big Screen.
"THE LAST VAMPIRE HUNT"- There's vampire hunting---and there is X-TREME VAMPIRE HUNTING! In this Special Posting for Halloween, a courageous BOY VAMPIRE HUNTER (who hunts 'em down wearing a hot combo of leather, breeches, steele jock cup, and lace-up logger boots-trimmed at their tops by the red bands of his high wool hunting sox). He meets his match in the evil, ancient, and ugly Vampire, VASOCULATO, who has developed a special taste for the necks and assorted other tender and vulnerable body parts of BOY VAMPIRE HUNTERS!

"MY TRUE 1st TIME" -From ITALIA comes this hot true story. It's printed just as we received it. The writer, tired of limiting his boot/foot interests to fantasies only, gets up the courage to approach some young soldiers. For pay will they allow him to savor their military boots and socks and bare feet? As is sometimes the case (even with straight boys) one young soldier was happy to help him to do more than he'd dreamed possible. YOU GO BAMBINO!
Story written by Bootlust member to illustrate Bootlust picture collection showing the "RIP & STRIP" of Trooper VAN.

"The knife flashed lower, cutting along the seams of my breeches, sliding along the valley of my ass and slicing away my white briefs. He tugged at my regulation belt, until it and most of my breeches fell to the floor..........."

"The Plan"-episode 1 <STILL PIX Illustrations>- An arrogant young motor cop establishes his dominance over the bubbas in his small town by bedding their girl friends and (even worse) yanking their driver's licenses. "The Plan" will tell how the townsmen plot to use bondage and the 2 items the cop consideres symbols of his dominance -his bike and his boots- as tools in a ritual of humiliation.
"The Plan"-episode 2 -"Not Exactly According To Plan"<STILL PIX Illustrations>The local bubbas rush to rip & strip off their captive cop's uniform to publicly expose his underendowed private parts. But the humiliation that results is "Not Exactly Accoring To Plan."
"The Plan"-episode3-
"Too Dumb To Pour Piss Out Of A BOOT-Eh?"<STILL LIX Illustrations>
-Member review:
"Motor Cop Malory gets off on his own boots! Makes me feel real close to the big blond stud. I'll bet you have hit on something that is closer to the truth than anyone knows. My guess is that, straight, stud cops know how their boots turn some men on, and they certainly know what a powerful male symbol their boots are, and they most assuredly know how their boots symbolize their position as an authority. When they feel their own boots nudging their balls, they probably can't help but get a hard on. Pouring other men's piss on Malory's balls was a stroke of genuis, sorta warmed him up, so to speak. Your photo of Malory wih a raging, rigid dick when they mashed his own empty boot against his balls was powerful. I'll wager there was more than one wet spot in front a computer across this great land of ours." (We figured the content of this one required we make it available only to our mature membership -over 18.)

"The Plan"- FINAL episode 4-

"Crankey began beating his stiffening meat against Officer Malroy's boot leather, first slowly, then faster and faster in rhythmic strokes. He bent his knees and leaned forward a little as he allowed his gaze to move across the ropes that bound Malroy's boot at its ankle, then up along the perfect glossy finish on the boot's shaft, past the rips in Malroy's tight blue breeches, until he found himself staring at the blond pubic hair nested around the young cop's balls."

(Available only to our mature membership -over 18.)
"WAR ZONE" - An American soldier captures a big blond BOOTED NAZI SS Officer then finds and exploits the captive's weak spots. (CAUTION: A really hot pair of officer's dress boots are totally destroyed in this story. Some may find it goes too far. Tuff!))
"APOLLO"- episodes 1 & 2- <STILL PIX Illustrations>A photographer's first fantasies about a real-life "blond god" of a motor cop don't begin to measure up to what happens in reality. (An illustrated serial in several parts).
"REALITY CHECK" - A report by a member who grabbed his chance to actually try out his favorite "BOOTS & BALLS" fantasy for real, and found it not quite what he expected.