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First Member Email Review Rcvd Sat May 24th: "To see the lad's naked body, suspended, with the cop available to do whatever he fuckin well wants to the lad sends shots of adrenilin to my dick.The wrasslin sequence is worthy of careful investigation too. Suspension by all fours (first sequence) is mighty good. Put's the guy's cock right where the most damage can be done to it. Thanks for givin' my cock a jump start on the weekend."
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MORE EXCLSUIVE BOOTLUST: BOOT WRASSLIN'You know you've possibly got trouble when you hear the motor cop who's just pulled you over say, "Please exit your vehicle, sir." You're sure you weren't speeding, and since your personal stash of pot is not too well hidden right under your seat, you're not too anxious to grant his request. So you ask, " Hey, DUDE, is there- like - some problem?"

You know you've got a really really BIG PROBLEM when he says,"Get your sweet little butt off that seat and out here where I can see it. NOW!"

The young man behind the wheel in this case, wasn't lookin' for a wrasslin' match or a strip search. In this all new picture story, he gets both, but that's only the beginning.........