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Rookie Trooper Johnney Wills ratted out his new partner for not turning in all the weed  conficated from a kidthe pair had stopped him for speeding. That may be the right thing to do in the ivory towers of the police academy, but  on Trooper Wills' squad, it counts has MAJOR MISBEHAVIOR.
Major discipline is now called for. .

Thinking it's just part of a playful initiation ritual, Rookie Trooper John Wells allows his brother troopers to tie him down for a playful  tickling session. Judging from the hard-on Johnney grows when his squad brothers get down to playfully tickling his nipples,   Johnney is actually enjoyig the playful ritual.  But things get less playful when Johnney  finds himself  being stripped of his uniform breeches and his boots. His brothers pull Johnney's tighty whities down to his ankles. Then multiple hands grab Johnney by his balls.

Johnney's squad brothers plan to end the playful initiation ritual by driving Johnney way out in the country where they'll  drop him off wearing only his uniform shirt (with badge & name tag). Johnney's boots, breeches, socks and underwear will be waiting for him
if and when he finds his way back to headquarters.