When Super Trooper GRAHAM is abducted by a gang and held for ransom, the junior kidnapper is given the job of stripping off Graham's uniform and yanking off Graham's boots so all can be sent as proof Graham is, in fact, the gang's prisoner.

   Since junior will first have to untie the much stronger Trooper Graham, he's given enough chloroform to knock Graham out cold before he starts to strip Graham naked. Graham has always gotten off noticing other troopers checking him out in the squad shower, admiring the size of his family jewels. But he's allowed very few to touch them. Now, the idea of this twerp being free to amuse himself messing with Graham's "privates" is royaly pissing him off.
But the twerp doesn't give him long to dwell on it.

Anyone listening at the door would hear a few muffled curses as junior presses his chloro rag over Graham's face ..... after only a few seconds there is total silence....
then, after a while, a series of soft , juicy sucking sounds.

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