The arrogant NAZI Officer demands to look inside a locked closet. The lowly innkeeper fumbles with the keys pretending he can't unlock the door, hoping the impatient Nazi will grab the keys and turn his back on the innkeeper. It works !

Nazi shoves Innkeeper aside. "I CAN'T STAND STUPID PEASANTS!" But this   leaves the innkeeper free to bash the officer from behind, and he enjoys seeing the Nazi sink to his knees and flop face down into a pile of garbage in the closet.The innkeeper grabs the would be"Blond God" by his polished boots and drags his limp bod out of the closet . Now for the part they never show  us in war movies...The "Stupid Peasant" meticulously strips the officer out of his uniform. He pulls on the Nazi's spit shined boots. He has to admit the muscular blond he's just kncoked out cold and stripped naked is sure hot
right down to his toes......
but, "SUPERMAN".
He's been demoted to