In this HIGH INTENSITY FANTASY VIDEO a muscular rodeo rider (SEBASTIAN YOUNG)  is knocking back a few beers on a Saturday night at the the town saloon. He doesn't notice a young blond cowboy who keeps glancing down at Sebastian's beat up, rodeo trashed tall boots.  He doesn't suspect anything when  the kid starts buying him stiff drinks. 
Everything's just fine until the next morning when Sebastian wakes up   to find himeself lying stretched out as Blondy finishes locking down his arms and legs in wooden stocks.

The blond cowboy, now wearin' a big grin, waits for Sebastian to come to before he starts messin'  with the rodeo rider's boots, slowly pullin' and tuggin' til he yanks 'em Sebastian's size 13's. Then with his teeth, he does likewise with Sebastian's boot sox. Sebastian had heard talk about dudes and even dudettes who were hot to do guys' feet. That's city shit, he thought.    No cowboys could be into that scene with their shit kickers. But he knows otherwise when he looks down on the young cowboy's mop of blond hair bobbin' up and down. Sabastian makes a pretty good guess what's causing that soft, warm, sticky sensation beween his toes.  What surprises Sebastian even more is that he feels himself gettin real hard. He hopes blondy won't notice. But blondy does notice.......