Key LIGHTS OUT moments from 10 postings in 'Lust's PASSED OIUT IN UNFORM Collection

This new posting is the result of many requests from guys who find strong men a big turn on WHEN THEY'RE FIGHTING NOT TO PASS OUT! Various bad dudes hit the boys shown here with chloroform, cold cock 'em, or lock 'em down in sleeper holds. Each of these 10 come up on your screen AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN...still fighting hard not to pass out , but knowing they can't do a damed thing about it! You'll notice their eyes lose focus, muscular arms start to twitch and go limp, booted feet no energy to kick. Each man ends up rag dolled, and at the mercy of their often kinky attackers!

                              Stills & OUT takes
Clcik for Volume TWO: