LIBRARIES USED TO LOCK UP BOOKS ABOUT HYPNOTISM. You had to explain why you wanted to access these books, and even if you got access, you were allowed to open them only in a special library reading room. Many say all that was unnecessary. Hypnotism, if it exists at all, is only a harmless state of intense concentration, and you won't do anything under trance you wouldn't want to do anyhow.
In this story, a young STR8 cop  (Budge Upson) visits a hypnotist. He confesses to the Doctor that he's   got a personal problem. He has trouble performing sexually when he feels under pressure. Can hypnotism help? Budge is used to following orders from superiors so the hypnotist is able to quickly induct him into what sure looks like a deep trance state. 
The deep trance renders our young trooper powerless to resist as the Doc turns kinky, pulls down Budge's uniform riding breeches and  his underwear and starts messing with the Budge's private junk.  Then (in part 2) the hypnotist escorts Budge to his own private MILKING TABLE, where he prepares Budge for  the Doc's own "SHOCK THERAPY."
Were those librarians right after all? CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS. THEN  YOU DECIDE.

P.S. Our actor, the real Budge Upson, claims he really wasn't acting. Budge says the sequence in which the Doc puts him under really did put him under!  We're pretty sure he's kidding, but he's a good actor, so we're not absolutely sure. Just be careful when you watch that scene.

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