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Thanks to a member for this HOT PLOT! Small town cop (played by Trooper Keir Yeagar) tries to act and dress SUPER MACHO from his spit shined patrol boots to his dark shades. He moon-lights as security at town's hotel, where a punk-kid guest gets the hots for Sgt Macho's uniform gear and wants to wear it all himself for crimes he has planned. Punk gets lucky and grabs Sgt Macho's gun, then orders him, "Gimme that uniform- fer starters, pull off them fine boots and hand 'em over!"

When Sgt Macho's attitude is "HELL NO! YOU LITTLE DIRT BAG!!" --
the fun starts!
Where did you find that CHILLI HOT!! sex bomb, Sgt Macho, *:x lovestruck
that closeup to his face when passed out, so wanted to kiss those lips and help the punk strip him down to just his white soxs and pump some Iron... hard and happy!

Hot new video ! this guy is amazingly handsome and hot in his leather and boots !seem he wears a size 10 ? no ? I'm in a hurry to see next part ;)

I like that he sure comes on like a tough big town cop..but ends up having to totally submit to what turns out to be the much tougher punk.  Time for a forced milking??\

* Some of you guys have been asking so , for the record,  "DICK" is American slang for DETECTIVE (but it can also mean the other thing too.)

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