Once again BOOT LUST PLAYS REQUESTS..and our thanks to a member for this VERY KINKY PLOT!  

The Mob Boys hired an unusual hit man to make absolutey sure I would never be around to testify against them in court. But the hit man was not your usual gunslinger.
What the bosses hired was AN EXPERT IN FOOT REFLEXOLOGY!

Then they sent me an invite for a "FREE Professional Foot Massage.

I didn't suspect anything was wrong as "The Doctor" chatted me up,
pulling off my patrol boots ands socks. He invited me to
relax as he began his "therapy." He applied just the right
massage and pressure to certain sensitive nerve junctions
on the soles my bare feet. Then WHOA MOMMA! I felt my
cock and balls start to throb, and I felt an unmanagable urge to
fire off the biggest load of my life! Which, as you'll see, I sure did.

It was toe curling!

But unfortunately, it was also heart stopping. LITERALLY!

Last thing I heard was "The Doctor" telling the Mob Boys not to
forget to come by and pick up the body.
But, hey. Ya know....what a way to go !



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