Budge Upson has stolen a flash drive from the mob boss. Says he'll return it if the boss delivers $5K in cash to Budge's hotel room. Instead, the boss sends his nastiest, toughfest enforcer (Sgt Macho) to get the drive back.
(and snuff Budge)

Budge is warned the enforcer is on his way up, but when he opens the room door to bug out, he's met with a chloroform rag jamed over his face.

However, our Budge is a very cleaver boy! Budge holds his breath til the enforcer assumes the chloroform has knocked him out cold. Budge pretends o fall limp into the enforcer's arms. The enforcer jumpd pomn tyopp of Budge on the bed and starts his strip search. Budge plays rag doll, as the enforcer violently stips him naked, and his jeans, boots, socks, and private parts get probed.

The mob enforcer finally finds the jump drive, but before he can perminantly put out Budge's lights, he makes the mistake  of turning his back, and Budge springs his TRAP!  (video 2)

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