The powerful drug she had used to spike the wine she served this intimidating young Nazi officer soon rendered him unconscious and defenseless, his considerable muscle power no longer any threat to her. It all had gone just as expected.

What was not expected was what she saw when she popped the buttons of his uniform breeches--- a broad, meaty, fully erect cock swelled up til it stood stiff and tall as if frozen in place above the young man's limp body. "Must be a side effect of the drug", she thought. She always quite enjoyed the complete dominance the drug gave her over young soldiers like this one, which is why she so enjoyed cradling his stiff meat in both hands. She smiled broadly. The soldier's ball sack seemed to be contracting forcing his large testicles close up against the base of his cock. She'd heard young men are prone to shoot their loads even while asleep, but she'd never seen it happen. She fingered the head of his cock searching for his pre-cum, and was a little disappointed to find almost none. When she pushed and pulled and manipulated his body  while stripping him out of his uniform, pulled off his boots and his socks and his underwear, she noted that even when his cock swayed wildly from side to side, it did not soften.
She could not take her eyes off it, nor keep her hands off it.