PLOT line- After the arrogant rookie cop orders a stoner kid cop to submit to his full body strip search, the cleaver kid snatches the cop’s spray can of INSTANT RAG DOLL KNOCK-DOWN SPRAY off the careless cop’s gun belt.

Listen dumb ass, if you try to spray that shit on me in this small room,
we’re both goin’ down.

So, it’ll be like a contest… that first man to wake up will own the other!

Kid squeezes the spay button! In a few hot seconds, both are RAG DOLLED, tumbling together into dreamland, their limped out bodies lying kid on top of cop in the dirt. (Fade out)

(Fade in) THE KID WINS THE WAKE UP "CONTEST!” He’s the FIRST MAN STANDING! He celebrates his victory by conducting his own strip search of the still unconscious loser cop, admiting “Hey, this is kinda fun!” The stoner kid ends up truckin’ off wearing the rookie’s full motor-squad uniform,
including his carefully spit shined patrol boots.
He’s a happy boy, imagining the rookie cop riding his cop bike back to headquarters wearing only his dumb designer sox, one hand on the handle bars-- the other trying to cover his cock and balls.. 

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