JUST POSTED - Video 2- Trooper BADGR has been UNdressed for dinner and is being prepared as Guest of Honor (and main course) for their Annual Halloween Banquet
at the Evil Monks' Haunted Monastary....

PLOTline- It was a full moon Halloween night. Trooper DAN BADGER, looking tough like he’s just stepped off the cover of Soldier Of Fortune Magazine, investigates a suspicious vehicle parked in a deserted junk yard.


“THE BADGER” finds himself eye to eye with a driver wearing spooky Halloween skull mask. He orders the mask off, but the driver shakes his head NO!. That’s “THE BADGER’S” cue to do what he loves best,


He man-handles the driver out of the vehicle.
But when he rips the mask off, he finds himself eye to eye with the fangs of a vampire, still dripping fresh blood!

Before he can recover his COP COOL, the fiend quickly and totally over-powers “THE BADGER”, forcing the trooper’s body down…down…down, Trooper Badger’s gleaming tall patrol boots kicking uselessly in the junk yard dirt. Then he feels a sharp pain as fangs sink deeply into his neck. There’s a sickening sucking sound as Trooper Badger feels himself rapidly sinking intro semi-consciousness. The vampire will feast on “THE BADGER” for a time before stuffing the trooper’s twitching, muscular body into his SUV. Then it’s off to celebrate Halloween at a haunted banquet at which Trooper Badger will be the guest of honor—-and the main course.

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