Notice to all members of  BOOTLUST.COM

On January 9, 2019, we were notified by CCBill that they can no longer accept payments from the public for memberships, and no existing memberships will be renewed.

In the meantime, Bootlust has made arrangements with BESTDEATHS.COM to start publishing some of 'Lust's more requested postings starting with.........


We made a decision not to comply with demands that we censor legal content we'd been posting to over the past 20 years. The result has been "de-activation" of our account with our "payment processor", CCBill.  Most of the targeted content CCBill was requiring us to delete is in the form of videos seen on  for many years with no objection from CCBill or the "bankers" and credit card companies CCBill depends on to process your payments to them.

We are story tellers. Most of our stories have involved good guy vs bad guy themes inspired by action commonly seen in main stream films and TV.  Yeah...we usually get our characters stripped out of their boots & breeches, but we are supposed to be an "Adult" site ya know. And just like in most movies and TV shows if you don't write scripts in which bad guys get to do nasty stuff to good guys, you don't have much of a plot. So we've had good guys  tied up & stripped (sometimes by bad girls!), jailed, interrogated, hypnotized, tazed (stole that idea from Breaking Bad), , chloroformed (at least 50 Chloro Videos on YouTube when we stopped counting),and guys do get drugged with drink (just like Humphrey Bogart was in the The Maltese Falcon screen play.)

In our hundreds of video story lines, bad guys may have been motivated by robbery or humiliation as revenge, but SEXUAL gratification was never written  as the the prime motive for domination. And like in Hollywood and TV, we made sure our good guys always won big time in the end.

Unlike TV & Hollywood we usually got em naked in the process.

OK…FULL DISCLOSURE: There has been some "non-consensual" boot removal for boot sniffing which may have produced a full erection.

And who knows what the vampires were thinking as they nibbled on the necks of handsome troopers (and one Nazi officer) in our annual Halloween stories.

Also, there was that 2006 story about space aliens who came to earth to extract semen from

macho boot wearing dudes to use as ideal fuel for their flying saucers. And YES! That was among the postings tagged for censorship.

Just as with us, most of you have probably been blissfully unaware of a growing attack on freedom of expression on the web. You can read all about it at...........

We have used CCBill as a payment processor for over 20 years, and we always found them to be an honest and ethical company. However, it appears all web payment processors are now being pressured by credit card companies and certain anonymous bankers to act as censors to control what you will be allowed to view and allowed to purchase on the web.

We hope you will consider supporting EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their fight against this censorship crapola.
We thank the thousands of you who have supported our work over the past two decades. It’s been a damned great ride!
We’re so sorry it had to end under this cloud of stupid stealth shadowy censorship.