Posted September 8th 2000

WE here at BOOTLUST are tired of seeing the Postal Services printing up all those stamps
commemorating a lot of rink-dink  stuff that doesn't  really mean much to anybody.
So, this month we offer an exhibit of  proposed ( by us) COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS
dedicated to something  really IMORTANT.
For  all you cowboys, cops, construction workers, hikers..
(gay/straight makes no's a guy thing),
we COMMEMORATE  the respect due the seniority,  the toughness,
and  the undeniable SEXINESS of the old friend and the true survivor!
BOOTLUST celebrates the aging beauty,  the total   comfort , and the rich ripe aroma of...........

Most of the Vintage BOOTS used in this exhibit are the property of the men of the  TOM of FINLAND FOUNDATION, and were photographed during the brunch given at Tom's former home for the officers of the  L.A. Black & Tans and the American Uniform Assn.  Who knows,  maybe the great master himself used these  very BOOTS  as models for his masterpieces. Hell, maybe TOM actually wore 'em!

click 1st title below, then use "NEXT" buttons 
to navigate through the exhibit. (Since we weren't about to show you old butts to go with the old boots, we've included a link (in the last position below) to our youngest YES BUTT  Archive posting. Wouldn't want you to go away hungry.
Boot Fetish Commemorative
 Engineer Boot Commemorative
COWBOY BOOT Commemorative
BOOTLUST BOOT Commemorative
WORK BOOT Commemorative
JUMP BOOT Commemorative
GHOST BOOT Commemorative
BIKER BOOTCommemorative
Favorite from the Archives:
Death by POLO BOOT
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