Michael PENN: This 28-year-old (looks about 18-wishes he didn't) stands 5'10"in his size 10D patrol boots. Former Eagle Scout. Former lifeguard. Signed up for Police Academy right out of high school. Volunteered for motor squad right out of Police Academy.  

MIKE: "I've got what they call a SWIMMER'S BOD. There's this biker who's been hankin' to get his claws on it since he used to check me out when I was a beach lifeguard. He wants me out of my uniform and my boots so I look like he'd just pulled me off my lifeguard stand.

He flags me down on my cop bike -- tells me there's this drug deal goin' down behind a fence. It's an AMBUSH! When I climb the fence to take a look, he attacks me from behind, pulling me down by my boots.

He's got two things goin' for him- the element of surprise...and a rag soaked in industrial strength chloroform.
I try to put up a fight (check out video), but in a few seconds, I'm just twitchin'as he holds me tight....then.... LIGHTS OUT.

After all these years he's been jerkin' off thinking about doin' me as a beach lifeguard, NOW THAT HE TOTALLY OWNS ME, HE'S PULLIN OFF MY BOOTS, RIPPIN' OFF MY COP UNIFORM." THEN HE'S ALL OVER ME--FROM MY HEAD TO MY TOES.... IT'S LIKE A FUCKIN' FEEDIN' FRENZY! (Scroll down for STILLS & NEW VIDEO.)